Long Term Result of LASIK Surgery

People have been sceptical about laser eye surgery. Are there any side effects of this type of operation? Will the long term result be a favourable one?
With a study that was conducted, doubters will not anymore be sceptical regarding the effectiveness of LASIK eye surgery. Millions of people with eye problems are now reassured that correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism through LASIK surgery is a safe and effective method.

What research study suggests

According to the longest follow up of patients who underwent the LASIK eye laser surgery for visual correction, there is a very minimal rate of complications for the sampled individuals. On the contrary, the research suggests a very high rate of long term positive result and satisfaction with the operation.

The Miguel Hernandez University Medical School of Spain followed for 10 years patients who had undergone LASIK operation. These patients had low, tolerable and severe myopia. The head of the research team reported that less than 20 percent of those with low and moderate myopia underwent retreatment during the 10 year period.

LASIK surgery is safe and very effective

LASIK is now the most popular and commonly used operation in treating people with nearsightedness. This is sometimes called by medical practitioners as the “flap and zap surgery”. In the LASIK surgical operation, a small flap is cut out in the cornea and then reshapes the cornea by the help of a laser.

Surveys and thorough study concluded that LASIK is a safe and effective eye laser surgery. Complications in patients following the LASIK procedure were very rare among the participants in the study. The trend was that most complications happened in the days or months following the operation contrary to the fear of many that complications will take place after several years from the day of operation. These complications were the minor issues such as itchiness and burning sensation felt by the patient. They were not purely complications but rather natural effects of the surgery.

The research findings are reassuring to millions of people worldwide who want to be operated through the LASIK eye surgery. With great certainty, doctors and medical practitioners can now say that the method is a safe long term procedure.