Addressing the Controversies about Laser Eye Surgery

Maybe you have seen some articles about Laser Eye Surgery that describes some serious complications suffered by patients after the procedure. How accurate was the article? Is there truth to the rumors that Laser Eye Surgery is an expensive procedure that results into dry eyes?

First of all, undergoing laser eye treatment is not like buying a car. If you are actually considering eye surgery for vision correction, make efforts to do research so that you can determine why the article has over sensationalized the problem with dry eyes.

Will you suffer from dry eyes after Laser Eye Surgery?

To keep this problem in perspective, many people who seek vision correction from Laser Eye Surgery already have dry eyes. People with dry eyes do not feel comfortable with contact lens that is why they are looking at Laser Eye Surgery so that they will not be required to wear eyeglasses.

Fortunately, patients are pre-screened for dry eyes detection and treatment before they are approved as potential candidates for Lasik Eye Surgery. Dry eyes after Lasik can really cause discomfort but this is alleviated by lubricating eye drops. If you are seriously concerned about dry eyes, there are other procedures that do not involve creating a flap in the eye’s surface such as Lasek or PRK. In fact, the eye doctor will typically suggest these alternatives.

Does the flap heal after Lasik?

To perform Lasik, the eye surgeon uses an instrument called a microkeratome or the more specialized femtosecond laser to cut a layer of corneal tissue which is then folded back. Femtosecond is new technology for the creation of the Lasik flap through hundreds of thousands of pulses for a more precise accuracy of depth and shape.

After the excimer laser is done with its job on the corneas based on your prescription, the corneal flap is replaced. The flap will eventually heal and re-bond to the underlying stromal bed but due to individual healing differences, the timeline for healing varies. Hopefully this information reassures you that the Lasik flap will heal completely and provide strength and structural integrity for the eyes.

Always ask the eye doctor about your concerns so that they will be addressed immediately. Lasik is not the only type of Laser Eye Surgery. The eye doctor can recommend other procedures like Lasek or PRK